AP Class 10 English Fa1 Question, AP Class 10 English Fa1 Solution, AP Class 10 English Fa1 2023

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AP Class 10 English Fa1 Question, AP Class 10 English Fa1 Solution, AP Class 10 English Fa1 2023



The Andhra Pradesh Class 10 English FA1 (Formative Assessment 1) question paper for the year 2023 is an essential document for students appearing in the examination. This article aims to provide an overview of the question paper, its structure, and key topics that students can expect to encounter. By understanding the format and content of the question paper, students can better prepare themselves for the examination and improve their chances of achieving a good score.

Section 1: Reading Comprehension

The first section of the AP Class 10 English FA1 question paper focuses on reading comprehension. This section aims to evaluate students’ ability to understand and interpret written texts. Students will be presented with a passage or multiple passages followed by a series of questions. The questions may test their comprehension, vocabulary, inference-making, and critical thinking skills.

Section 2: Grammar

In the second section of the question paper, students will be assessed on their understanding of English grammar. This section includes questions on topics such as tenses, parts of speech, sentence structure, punctuation, and more. Students will need to demonstrate their knowledge of grammar rules and apply them correctly in the given context.

Section 3: Writing

The third section focuses on writing skills. Students will be required to write an essay or a letter based on a given topic. They need to showcase their ability to organize their thoughts, express their ideas coherently, and use appropriate vocabulary and grammar. It is crucial for students to practice different types of writing formats, such as descriptive, narrative, or persuasive essays, to excel in this section.

Section 4: Literature

The fourth section of the question paper explores the literary aspects of the English language. Students will encounter questions related to the prescribed literature textbook. This section may include questions on themes, character analysis, plot summaries, and literary devices. It is essential for students to have a thorough understanding of the literary works studied in class to answer these questions effectively.


SUB: ENGLISH, Class 10



Read the following passages and choose the right answers from the given choices.

1. ‘When I was 13, I read a newspaper article about a disabled man who has managed to achieve great things and helped others.’

1) Who is the speaker?

a) Kanae Miyahara 

b) Nick Vujicic 

c) Bethany Hamilton 

d) Nick’s father

Ans. Nick Vujicic

2) Why is Nick touched by the newspaper article?

a) because he likes reading 

b) because his age is 13 

c) because he is disabled 

d) because the person he reads about is also a disabled man like him

Ans. because the person he reads about is also a disabled man like him

3) What is the best quality of the disabled man mentioned in the passage?

a) He is a disabled man 

b) He is 13-year old. 

c) He achieves small things 

d) He helps others.

Ans. He helps others.

2. The day came. His classmates were leaving for Madras. They were taking a train from Mysore to Madras. They have shared good years in school and college together. He went to the station to say goodbye and good luck to them for their future life.

4) ‘The day came.’ Which day came?

a) the birthday 

b) the day to leave for Madras 

c) the day to leave Madras 

d) the day to join college

Ans. the day to leave for Madras 

5) Why did he go to the station?

a) to say goodbye and good luck to his friends 

b) to join a school 

c) to join a college 

d) to meet his friends

Ans. to say goodbye and good luck to his friends 

English Fa1 Question for Class 10 AP


1) Read the paragraph and write the synonyms of the underlined words given in brackets. (2M)

Nick moved (a) to Los Angeles in 2007. He wanted to continue to tour (b) the world. In 2009, he visited South America and the Middle East. In 2008, a beautiful (c) young girl attended a meeting where Nick addressed the gathering (d) as a guest.

Ans. (a) relocated

(b) travel

(c) attractive

(d) audience

(audience, travel, came, relocated, met, attractive)

AP SSC English Fa1 2023 PDF

2) Fill in the blanks with the right form of the words given in brackets. (2M)

I’m amazed (a) (amazing/amazed/amazement) at you, Victoria. I really (b) (real/really/reality) am. Be off now, and change your dress before your Aunt Elizabeth and your Uncle Ben come. It would never do for them to find you in colourful (c) (colours/colourful/colourfully) with grandfather lying dead (d) (dead/death/died), upstairs.

3) Complete the words with correct suffixes given in brackets. (1M)

Father had been merry this morning. He went out soon after (a) break fast (past/fast) to pay his (b) insur ance (ance/ence).  

AP Class 10 English Fa1 Important Questions


1. Edit the following passage; correct the underlined words (2M)

Taj Mahal was (a) situated in Agra in (b) the banks of the river Yamuna. It is built in the memory off (c) Mumtaz. It is an (d) rare example of architectural beauty.

Ans. (a) is (b) on (c) of (d) the

2. Combine the following sentence using ‘Who’. (IM)

Nick now lives in Los Angeles. He won the bravery award.

Ans. Nick, who won the bravery award, now lives in Los Angeles.

3. Combine both the sentences using ‘Which’. (1M)

The book was sold at a high price. It was written by Shiv Khera

Ans. The book was sold at a high price, which was written by Shiv Khera.

4. Change the following sentence into passive voice. (1M)

Bethany Hamilton taught Nick surfing.

Ans. Nick was taught surfing by Bethany Hamilton.

Class 10 AP English Fa1 Model Question Paper


a) Kanae Miyahara, a beautiful young girl, attended a meeting where Nick was the gue speaker in Texas. She wanted to talk to him. Develop a conversation between Nick and Kansa in their first meet.

Answer – 

Kanae: Hi, Nick. I’m Kanae Miyahara. I’m a big fan of your work.

Nick: It’s so nice to meet you, Kanae. Thank you for coming to my talk.

Kanae: I was really inspired by what you said. You’ve overcome so much in your life, and you’re still so positive and optimistic.

Nick: Thank you. I’m glad that my story could inspire you.

b) Given below is the biographical information about the president Draupadi Murmu. Based on this information write a biographical sketch.

DATE AND PLACE OF BIRTH: 20 June 1958 in Uperbeda village in Odisha

INFORMATION ABOUT THE FAMILY: Her husband late Shyam Charan Murmu. She has three children.


* From 1979 to 1983, Murmu worked as a junior assistant at the irrigation department of the government of Odisha.

* From 1994 to 1997, she then worked as a teacher at the school Sri Aurobindo Integral Education and Research Centre in Rairangpur.

* Elected as MLA for 2 times fram Rairangpur.

* Governor of Jharkhand between 2015 and 2021.

AWARDS: Neelakantha award for best MLA in 2007,

AP Class 10 English Fa1 PDF Download

Answer – 

Droupadi Murmu was born on 20 June 1958 in Uperbeda village in Odisha. She is a tribal leader who has served as the Governor of Jharkhand and the 15th President of India. She is the first tribal woman to hold the office of President. Murmu has a long history of public service, having worked as a junior assistant at the irrigation department of the government of Odisha, a teacher, and an MLA. She is a recipient of the Neelakantha award for best MLA in 2007.

Section 5: Conclusion

In conclusion, the AP Class 10 English FA1 question paper for the year 2023 covers various aspects of the English language, including reading comprehension, grammar, writing, and literature. To excel in the examination, students should focus on practicing each section, familiarizing themselves with the prescribed textbook, and honing their writing skills. Regular practice, time management, and a deep understanding of the subject matter will greatly contribute to their success.

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