AP 10th English Answer key 2023-24, AP 10th English Fa1 Question paper

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AP 10th English Answer key 2023-24, AP 10th English Fa1 Question paper 


1. Introduction

In the dynamic landscape of education, assessments have transitioned from being mere evaluation tools to comprehensive indicators of a student’s grasp of the subject matter. The AP Class 10 English FA1 question for the academic year 2023-24 holds a special place in this context, as it offers insights into a student’s language skills, critical thinking, and application of concepts.

2. Understanding FA1 in the Education System

Formative Assessment 1, or FA1, is an integral part of the education system, particularly in the context of the AP Class 10 English curriculum. Unlike summative assessments that primarily measure the final outcomes of learning, formative assessments focus on the ongoing progress of students. FA1 is designed to provide feedback to both students and teachers, enabling them to identify areas of improvement and adjust teaching methods accordingly.


Third Language – ENGLISH

English Medium

Time: 45 Mins

Class 10

(Max. Marks: 20)

Reading Comprehension 

I realized why God had made us like this – to give hope to others. It was so inspirational to me that I decided to use my life to encourage other people and give them the courage that the article had given me.

Now answer the following:

1. What was Nick’s realisation?
Ans. God made me like this to give hope to others

2. What did he decide?
Ans. He decided to use his life to encourage other people and give them courage

3. “… that the article…”, the word “article” refers to,

a) gift article

b) article from the newspaper

c) article from the magazine

Ans. b) article from the newspaper

B] Read the following passage

A burning desire is the starting point of all accomplishment. Just like a small fire cannot give much heat, a weak desire cannot produce great results.Every Success Story is also a Story of Great Failures)

Now answer the following

1. What is the starting point for any achievement?

a) weak desire

b) great results

c) burning desire

Ans. c) burning desire

2. Identify the true statement.

a) A burning desire gives much heat.

b) A burning desire gives poor results.

c) A burning desire produces great results.
Ans. c) A burning desire produces great results


Vocabulary (5 Marks)

1. Choose the appropriate words to fill in the blanks.

He has visited (a) (visit/ visited/ visits) different countries all over (b) (over/ above/ of) the world.

2. Identify the wrongly spelt words and rewrite the correct sentence.
Nick’s father was a computer programmar and accountent.

accountant / programmer

3. What do the following sentences mean?

Choose the correct answer.

i) You may leave the class.
A) Seeking permission
B) Giving permission
C) Making a request
D) Expressing possibility
Ans . giving permission

ii) Why don’t we take breakfast?
A) order
B) suggestion
C) question
D) request
Ans . Question

Read the paragraph and write the synonyms of the underlined words choosing the words given in the box
determination, courage, reinforce, beliefs, difficulties, chances
“The challenges (a) in our lives are there to strengthen our convictions (b). They are not there to run us over,” said Nick. In 1990 Nick won the Australian Young citizen of the Year for his bravery (c) and perseverance (d).

Ans. (a) difficulties
(b) beliefs
(c) courage
(d) determination


GRAMMAR (5 Marks)

1. Combine the following as directed.

a) The people must not throw stones. They live in glass houses. (who)

Ans. People who live in glass houses must not through stones

b) I wanted to kill myself. I was deeply depressed. (as)
Ans. As I was deeply depresses I wanted to kill my self

2. Change the following sentence into passive voice. Nick and Kanae wrote an inspirational book.
Ans. An inspirational book was written by Nick and Kanea

3. Your friend is becoming fat. Advise him to do yoga.
Ans. It is better to do Yoga as you are becoming fat

4. Change the following into polite request.
Kranthi to his teacher: I want to leave the room.
Ans. Could you please give permission to leave the room sir


WRITING (5 Marks)

Write a biographical sketch of Tata using the information given below.

Full Name : Ratan Naval Tata

Date of Birth :-December 28, 1937

Qualifications : B.Sc. Architecture, Comell University Management course, Harvard Business School

Profession : Industrialist

Known for : Tata’s Nano Car, humble and down to earth. philanthropist.

Awards : Padma Bhushan, Padma Vibhushan

Ans. Ratan Naval Tata, born on December 28, 1937, is a renowned industrialist celebrated for the innovative Tata Nano Car. With qualifications from Cornell University and Harvard Business School, he led the Tata Group with humility. A committed philanthropist, he received the Padma Bhushan and Padma Vibhushan awards for his contributions. His legacy embodies business brilliance, humility, and impactful generosity. 

3. Significance of AP Class 10 English FA1

The AP Class 10 English FA1 question holds immense significance as it sets the tone for the academic year. It lays the foundation for subsequent assessments and serves as a benchmark for students to gauge their progress. A strong performance in FA1 can boost a student’s confidence and motivation to excel in the subject.

4. Key Components of the FA1 Question 2023-24

The FA1 question for the academic year 2023-24 is thoughtfully crafted to encompass various language skills. It may include components such as:

– Reading comprehension exercises
– Grammar and vocabulary assessments
– Short answer questions
– Essay writing on contemporary topics

Students can expect a well-rounded evaluation that challenges their linguistic abilities and encourages creative expression.

5. Tips for Excelling in the AP Class 10 English FA1

To excel in the AP Class 10 English FA1 assessment, students can consider the following tips:

Thorough Understanding:-  Grasp the concepts thoroughly before attempting the questions.
Regular Practice:- Dedicate time to regular practice sessions for each language skill.
Time Management:- Allocate sufficient time to each section based on its weightage.
Effective Communication:- Focus on clear and concise expression of ideas.
Revision:- Review and revise your answers for accuracy and coherence.


The AP Class 10 English FA1 question for the academic year 2023-24 is more than just an assessment; it’s an opportunity for students to showcase their language skills and critical thinking abilities. By embracing a proactive approach to preparation, seeking guidance from teachers, and maintaining a dedication to continuous learning, students can not only excel in FA1 but also build a solid foundation for their linguistic journey.

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