10th English Fa2 Question paper 2023, Class 10 English Fa2 Solution, Class 10 English Fa2 Question Paper, AP Class 10th Fa2

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10th English Fa2 Question paper 2023, Class 10 English Fa2 Solution, Class 10 English Fa2 Question Paper, AP Class 10th Fa2


AP Fa2 Class 10th Question Paper PDF Download 2023

In the world of academics, assessments play a crucial role in evaluating a student’s understanding of a subject. And when it comes to Class 10th in Andhra Pradesh, the Formative Assessment-2 (FA2) is a significant milestone. In this article, we will explore the importance of AP Fa2 Class 10th Question Papers and provide you with insights on how to download them in PDF format for the year 2023.

Understanding Formative Assessment-2 (FA2)

Formative Assessment-2, often referred to as FA2, is an essential part of the continuous evaluation process in the Andhra Pradesh education system. It serves as a vital tool for teachers to assess students’ progress and understanding of the subjects they are studying. FA2 is designed to be comprehensive, covering various topics and concepts, ensuring that students have a well-rounded understanding of their subjects.

Why Accessing AP Fa2 Class 10th Question Papers is Crucial

1. Exam Preparation:  The AP Fa2 Class 10th Question Papers are a valuable resource for students preparing for their FA2 exams. These papers provide a clear picture of the exam pattern and the types of questions that may be asked.

2. Self-Assessment: By solving previous years’ question papers, students can self-assess their knowledge and identify areas where they need to improve. It helps in boosting confidence and reducing exam anxiety.

3. Understanding Exam Trends:  Over the years, the pattern of FA2 exams may change slightly. Accessing previous question papers allows students to understand the evolving trends and adapt their preparation strategies accordingly.

4. Time Management:  Solving question papers within a stipulated time frame improves time management skills, a crucial aspect of performing well in exams.

5.  Subject Mastery: Regular practice with question papers enhances subject mastery, as students get to apply their knowledge to practical problems


Third Language ENGLISH –

Class: X] (Max. Marks: 20) [Time: 45 Mnts.


Read the following passages and answer the given questions.

A) I protested. How could I allow my father to carry my trunk? What would people think? What would they say? But I failed to dissuade him. It was decided that father would carry the chest. (3M)

1. Who does ‘I’ refer to?

2. Why didn’t the narrator carry his own trunk? 3. What would people think, according to him?

A) People would think his decision is right.

B) People would criticize him.

C) People wish for themselves to carry the trunk.

B) To Mrs John Shorrocks who keeps the ‘Ring-o-Bells’. We’ve had it fixed up a good while now, but I was keeping it for a pleasant surprise. (He rises.). I felt I was a bit of a burden to you, so I found someone who’d think it a pleasure to look after me. We shall be very glad to see you at the ceremony. (2M)

4. What is the ‘Ring-o-Bells”?
A) The name of a house
B) The name of a restaurant
C) The name of a park

5. Which ceremony was the speaker talking about?
A) His granddaughter’s birthday party
B) His housewarming ceremony
C) His wedding ceremony


A) Read the following paragraph and write the synonyms of the underlined words choosing from the words given in the box. (2M)

small, uneven, trouble, exhausted, fast

Having walked fast, I was tired (a). Moreover, I had to cross two hills on the way up to the spot. I quickly (b) sat down on a rock. My father laughed at my plight (c). ‘So, this little (d) distance has tired you? Rest for a while. But we have to be in time for the bus’.
a) _____ b) _______ c) _______ d) ________

B) Fill in the blanks with the right forms of the words given in brackets. (2M)

After spending a leisurely Sunday at home, the very _________  (a) (thought/thoughtfulness/thinking) of returning to work on Monday is tiring. Lethargy creeps in if the holiday __________ (b) (continuation/continues/continuous) over an __________ (extension/ extended/ extensive) period. That is how I felt when I was __________ (d) (preparative/ preparation/preparing) to return to my place of work after spending six months at home. ab d

C) Complete the spelling of the words with ia , ‘ei’, ‘ai’ or ‘ea’. (1M)

Time flew and five months into my marr _ _ ge, I r _ _lized it.


1) Change the following sentence into passive voice. (1M)

My father was carrying my luggage.

2) Combine both the sentences using ‘since’ (1M)

Amelia pinched Abel’s bureau. He was angry.

3) Combine both the sentences using ‘because’. (1M)

There was nobody in the village to carry the author’s luggage. Everybody was engaged in some important work.

4) Your friend is addicted to watching web series films on OTT platforms. Advise him not to watch web series films. (1M)

5) Change the following into a polite request. (1M)

You to the ticket booking clerk at the box office: What’s the show time of Spiderman film?


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How to Download AP Fa2 Class 10th Question Paper PDFs for 2023

Accessing the AP Fa2 Class 10th Question Papers in PDF format for 2023 is a straightforward process:

Step 1: Visit the Official Website

Go to the official website of the Andhra Pradesh Board of Secondary Education (APBSE).

Step 2: Navigate to the “Examinations” Section

Look for the “Examinations” section on the website. It usually contains information related to exams, including question papers.

Step 3: Select Class 10th and FA2

Click on the link or tab that corresponds to Class 10th and Formative Assessment-2 (FA2) question papers.

Step 4: Choose the Year 2023

Select the year 2023 to access the question papers for this specific year.

Step 5: Download the PDFs

You will find links to download the AP Fa2 Class 10th Question Paper PDFs for various subjects. Click on the subject you need, and the PDF will start downloading.


Accessing AP Fa2 Class 10th Question Papers in PDF format for the year 2023 is a valuable resource for students preparing for their exams. It aids in exam preparation, self-assessment, understanding exam trends, time management, and achieving subject mastery. By following the simple steps outlined above, students can easily obtain these question papers and enhance their chances of performing well in the FA2 exams.

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