AP Schools Academic Calendar 2023-24 (PDF) FA/SA Exam Dates, Holidays

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AP Schools Academic Calendar 2023-24 (PDF) FA/SA Exam Dates, Holidays

The academic calendar plays a crucial role in the smooth functioning of schools, providing a roadmap for the entire academic year. It helps teachers, students, and parents stay organized and informed about important dates, events, and activities. In Andhra Pradesh, the Department of School Education releases the AP Schools Academic Calendar annually, outlining the schedule of examinations, holidays, and other significant events. This article will delve into the details of the AP Schools Academic Calendar 2023-24, highlighting the FA/SA exam dates, holidays, and its impact on the teaching and learning process.


Academic calendars serve as a guiding framework for schools, ensuring that all educational activities occur within a structured timeline. They provide a comprehensive overview of the entire academic year, including term dates, exam schedules, holidays, and special events. The AP Schools Academic Calendar for the year 2023-24 sets the foundation for effective planning, enabling schools to provide quality education and optimize student engagement.

Importance of Academic Calendars in Schools

Academic calendars are essential for maintaining a conducive learning environment in schools. They help in the following ways:

1. Structured Planning and Organization

An academic calendar provides a well-defined structure for the entire academic year. It enables teachers to plan their lessons, assessments, and projects effectively. With a clear roadmap, educators can ensure the comprehensive coverage of the curriculum and allocate appropriate time for each topic.

2. Time Management and Resource Allocation

By incorporating exam dates, holidays, and vacations, academic calendars help schools manage time efficiently. Teachers can allocate adequate time for exam preparation and revision, ensuring that students have ample opportunity to grasp the concepts. Additionally, the calendar helps schools allocate resources effectively, such as arranging guest lectures, field trips, or workshops.

3. Collaboration and Communication

Academic calendars foster collaboration among teachers, students, and parents. By providing a common reference point, they facilitate effective communication regarding important dates, events, and expectations. Parents can plan their schedules accordingly, ensuring the active participation of students in school-related activities.

4. Academic Accountability

With clearly defined exam dates and project deadlines, academic calendars foster a sense of accountability among students. They understand the importance of meeting deadlines and preparing adequately for assessments, leading to improved academic performance.

Overview of AP Schools Academic Calendar 2023-24

The AP Schools Academic Calendar 2023-24 is a comprehensive document that outlines the schedule of various academic activities throughout the year. It ensures that schools in Andhra Pradesh follow a standardized timeline, promoting uniformity in education. The calendar includes the following key features:

1. Term Dates and Duration

The academic year in Andhra Pradesh generally begins in June and concludes in April. The AP Schools Academic Calendar specifies the exact dates for each term, ensuring consistency across all schools.

2 FA/SA Exam Dates

Formative Assessments (FA) and Summative Assessments (SA) are vital components of the education system in Andhra Pradesh. The academic calendar provides specific dates for these exams, allowing teachers to plan their teaching and assessment strategies accordingly. 

Assessment Schedule
Assessment Date Syllabus
Formative Assessment-I CBA-I 1-4 August 2023 June, July
Formative Assessment-II 3-6 October 2023 August, September
Summative Assessment -I 4-10 November 2023 June to October
Formative Assessment-III CBA – II 3-6 January 2024 November, December
Formative Assessment-IV (For I-IX Classes) 23-27 February 2024 January, February
Pre-final (For Class X) 23-29 February 2024 Total syllabus
Summative Assessment -II CBA – III Classes I to VIII) 11-20 April 2024 Total syllabus

3. Holidays and Vacations

The calendar includes the schedule of holidays and vacations, including national and regional festivals, winter break, summer vacation, and other significant events. This information enables students, parents, and teachers to plan their personal commitments and leisure activities.

4. In-Service Training Programs

The academic calendar also incorporates in-service training programs for teachers. These programs enhance their pedagogical skills and subject knowledge, ensuring continuous professional development throughout the academic year.

FA/SA Exam Dates

The FA/SA exams are an integral part of the evaluation system in Andhra Pradesh schools. The AP Schools Academic Calendar 2023-24 specifies the dates for these assessments, allowing students and teachers to prepare effectively. The exams are designed to evaluate students’ understanding of the curriculum and provide feedback for improvement.

The FA exams, conducted during the academic year, assess students’ day-to-day performance, class participation, and assignments. They focus on formative evaluation, providing continuous feedback to students and guiding teachers in instructional planning.

On the other hand, the SA exams are conducted at the end of each term to evaluate students’ overall understanding and knowledge retention. These assessments carry more weightage in the final evaluation and cover a broader range of topics.

Holidays and Vacations

The AP Schools Academic Calendar 2023-24 designates specific days as holidays and vacations throughout the academic year. These breaks provide students and teachers with opportunities to rejuvenate and engage in extracurricular activities. Some of the prominent holidays include national holidays, religious festivals, and regional observances. The calendar ensures a balanced distribution of holidays, allowing students to celebrate their cultural and religious events while maintaining continuity in their education. 

Type of Holiday Dates
Dasara Holidays 14-24 October 2023
Christmas Holidays for Missionary Schools 17-26 December 2023
Sankranthi Holidays 9-18 January 2024

Promoting Effective Teaching and Learning

The AP Schools Academic Calendar emphasizes the importance of effective teaching and learning practices. It encourages teachers to adopt innovative teaching methodologies, use technology in the classroom, and incorporate interactive learning activities. The calendar allocates specific time slots for these activities, ensuring holistic development and academic excellence.

Flexibility and Adaptability

While the AP Schools Academic Calendar provides a structured framework, it also allows for flexibility and adaptability. Schools can make minor adjustments based on local requirements, ensuring the effective implementation of the curriculum. The calendar serves as a baseline guide, empowering schools to cater to the diverse needs of their students and create a nurturing learning environment.

Parental Involvement

Parental involvement is crucial for the overall development of students. The AP Schools Academic Calendar encourages parents to actively participate in school activities and engage in open communication with teachers. It incorporates parent-teacher meetings, progress reports, and interactive sessions, fostering a strong partnership between schools and parents.

Extracurricular Activities

Apart from academic pursuits, the academic calendar also emphasizes the significance of extracurricular activities. It dedicates specific time slots for sports, cultural events, and competitions. These activities promote the holistic development of students, enhance their interpersonal skills, and encourage teamwork.

Supporting Student Well-being

The AP Schools Academic Calendar recognizes the importance of student well-being. It encourages schools to incorporate mindfulness activities, stress management techniques, and counseling sessions. These initiatives aim to create a nurturing and supportive environment, ensuring the overall growth and mental well-being of students.

Special Events and Celebrations

The academic calendar includes special events and celebrations to commemorate important occasions such as Independence Day, Republic Day, and Teachers’ Day. These events instill a sense of patriotism, cultural pride, and

respect for the teaching community. They provide opportunities for students to showcase their talents and foster a spirit of unity and camaraderie.


The AP Schools Academic Calendar 2023-24 serves as a roadmap for the entire academic year, ensuring the smooth functioning of schools in Andhra Pradesh. It promotes effective teaching and learning practices, incorporates exam dates, holidays, and vacations, and encourages parental involvement. By providing a structured framework, the calendar enables schools to create an engaging and enriching educational experience for students.

Catagory Download Link
AP Schools Academic Calendar 2023-24 (Primary/Foundation Schools) Click Here to Download
AP Schools Academic Calendar 2023-24 (High School) Click Here to Download
Syllabus for Class 8th Click Here to Download
Syllabus for Class 9th Click Here to Download
Syllabus for Class 10th Click Here to Download


FAQ 1: Can schools modify the AP Schools Academic Calendar?

Yes, schools have the flexibility to make minor adjustments to the AP Schools Academic Calendar based on their specific requirements and local circumstances. However, significant changes should be communicated and approved by the Department of School Education.

FAQ 2: How can parents stay updated about the events and activities mentioned in the academic calendar?

Parents can stay updated by regularly checking the school’s website, official communication channels, or through direct communication with teachers. Schools often share newsletters, circulars, or event calendars to keep parents informed.

FAQ 3: Is the AP Schools Academic Calendar applicable to all schools in Andhra Pradesh?

Yes, the AP Schools Academic Calendar applies to all schools under the purview of the Department of School Education in Andhra Pradesh. Private schools may have slight variations in terms of additional events or activities.

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